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More Than a Free Dinner

By Melissa Ramsey

I was a member of the first class of students in Kids Fun and Drama (KFAD).  When I first joined, a contest was conducted to choose a name for the program, with a free dinner going to the winner.  I submitted the winning name suggestion, KFAD, but the program has meant so much more to me than that free dinner at Pizza Hut I received so many years ago.  


The skills I gained from my time at KFAD have added to my life in so many ways.  I know for certain that my time in KFAD helped to boost my confidence, increase my inner drive and self-discipline, and instilled in me the ability to work well with others as a team towards a unified goal.  Furthermore, my experience on stage performing with KFAD has helped me to feel comfortable in public speaking and job interview settings.  From a musical and artistic perspective, KFAD was a true blessing due to the exposure it provided to a wide variety of different types of performance art. 


After KFAD, I went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in graphic design with a minor in music from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and I currently volunteer as a children’s music and drama teacher in Cleveland, Ohio.  I am so glad that I can now instill in other young hearts and minds all of the wonderful things that KFAD instilled in me.

From Beloit to New York

By Dara Showers

I began KFAD when I was seven and took part in productions until I was in high school.  I was involved in every theatre production during my four years at Beloit Memorial High School and was also involved in some summer performances with community theatre.  I am proud to say I got my start in KFAD. 


While in college, I participated in one musical and was also a member of a co-ed a cappella singing group.  I have always loved drama and music, but it isn’t possible to do everything.  Although I am not doing theatre these days, I am a 7th grade math teacher at Democracy Prep Harlem, a public charter school in New York, New York.  If you think about it, I also need to perform on a daily basis, and participating in performance groups has helped me develop the confidence to feel comfortable in front of people.   


I met my husband, Ian Christy, while we were studying at Macalester College in St Paul, MN, and he too is a lover of music and was also a member of an a capella chorus on campus.  We spent one of our early dates singing duets.  We now live in New York City, right near Times Square. These days I do not have time to participate in theatre, but Ian and I enjoy some of the many opportunities to appreciate outstanding theatre as well as live musical performances right in our neighborhood. 


KFAD will help you learn a lot about yourself and will help you grow as a member of a team while you develop talents you maybe didn’t know you had. 

Starting a Second Generation

By Anya Ramsey-Martinez

I'd like to say that being in KFAD for several years led me to be a professional actor or singer, however it did not.  KFAD did something much greater than this for me.  It fostered a love in me for the performing arts, to sing, to act, to speak on the biggest stage of all; the stage of life. 


I feel so strongly about the benefits of this program that my daughter and son are now second generation KFAD-ers.  I want them to be able to present themselves in a way that is befitting of any role that life brings their way!

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